Happy Ewe Year!

Things are changing in 2022! Last year we moved from Merino ewes to Dohne Merino ewes. Dohne's are a dual purpose sheep, bred from Merino's they known as great mothers and high quality meat.

Our new girls are beautiful. big and have quite a bit of attitude. They are very nurturing mothers and have settled in well to the farm, the Alpacas and the rotational grazing. Joined with a Dohne Ram (named Jeff) we had a really successful lambing. Tex (our dog) learnt very quickly just how protective the mothers are, particularly one mother of twins!

The other significant change made in 2021 was the timing of our lambing. Driven by a combination of factors but primarily seasonal, we've moved the lambing time so that lambs and ewes have the best grass at the time they need it most. By letting nature (rather than marketing) drive the timing we are better able to align feed available with the feed required to have healthy, happy, growing sheep.

As a result lamb packs will be available later in 2022, but only for a very limited time this year. We expect some differences in the Dohne meat from our last seasons Merino cross White Suffolk lambs, but you can't beat grass fed, local, ethically grown lamb!

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