Delicious lamb packs delivered to your family! Lamb packs contain a variety of the cuts you would normally buy from the butcher like traditional leg roasts or loin chops. Each cut is vacuum packed in family size portions.

Our Dohne (Merino) lambs are ethically raised on our regenerative farm in Heathcote, Victoria. Our farm is chemical and hormone free, we don't use pesticides or herbicides. We practice regenerative farming which aims to rehabilitate the land, build healthy soils and improve ecosystems.  We do this through rotational grazing, meaning we move our sheep frequently through smaller paddocks which builds grass and soil health. We're revegetating areas of the farm to build diversity and provide animal habitat. And we live off grid!

Buying Mucko Family Farm supports small scale, sustainable farming. #loveyourlocal #knowyourfarmer #organic.

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