Lamb cuts and recipes

We want you to get the best value and deliciousness from your lamb packs! Here is an explanation of the different cuts you’ll receive in you pack, and some recipes for inspiration.

Leg: Tender and full of flavour, the leg is traditionally roasted. Roasting with the bone in adds flavour and provides more tender meat.

For an extra tasty roast, try this Thyme and Garlic Lamb leg roast recipe. If you're not confident carving a leg, this article might help.

Loin Chops are perfect for high heat cooking like your BBQ. Try this Chargrilled oregano lemon lamb loin chops with beetroot salad recipe.

Lamb Rack: The rack contains rib bones, backbone and thick meaty rib eye muscle. Beautiful roasted whole or cut between the rib bones to create cutlets. Check out this recipe for Caraway and maple glazed lamb rack.

Shanks are best slow cooked in liquid. Worth the effort for flavour and tenderness. You could try this recipe for Italian style braised lamb shanks.

Chump chops are are suited for barbecue and pan-fry. They are tender with extra flavour from the bone. You can marinate them for even more flavour, like this recipe for Marinated lamb chump chops with eggplant zucchini and capsicum.

Boned and rolled shoulder: Cut from the shoulder, boned and trimmed then tied and ready for roasting. As a hard working muscle, cook slowly to delivery tender and tasty results. You can also dice up and use in a curry, like this lamb korma recipe.

For more recipes visit This site contains recipes, explanation of lamb cuts, storage information, and even links to apps to help with cooking times.


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