At Mucko Family Farm we grow hop varieties from Australia, Europe and North American. 


Many of the modern hops that brewers and craft beer drinkers know and love are proprietary varieties, grown only by the company that bred it. 


As such, small independent growers such as us at Mucko Family Farm can provide a great many traditional well known varieties.  Varieties that were the backbone of the craft revolution and are still widely used, though less publicised, in craft beers and homebrew globally.

Our hop varieties


Details on Victoria are scarce, but it is a dual purpose variety that was grown commercially in the early 1990's in the Victorian hop fields but was dropped from production.  Bred alongside Galaxy, and sharing the same mother, it displays similar fruity characters but tending towards ripe stone fruit and even dark berries.


In Australia, Cascade is known to display grapefruit character in addition to the usual citrus, spice, floral notes of American Cascade.  Most commonly used in American Pale Ales, it is also used in many ales and lager styles.


Sometimes called super Cascade because of its similar citric characteristic,  Centennial is prized for its balance of bitterness and aroma.  Well suited Pale Ales, IPAs  and bitters.


Chinook is a high alpha hop with an earthy aroma but spicy and piney flavours.  It has been widely used in IPAs, APAs, and seasonal brews like Winter Ales and Stouts.

East Kent Goldings

Possibly the most popular and traditional English hop, East Kent Goldings is mostly used as an aroma hop in English bitters, porters and stouts with its floral (lavender, thyme, lemon), sweet and spicy aroma.

We currently do not have hops for sale. 

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